Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions about us, our product, the universe and everything.

What is it?

Snake Oil Tonic Syrup is our rendition of what tonic was before artificial quinine was around. Essentially it is made using two different strains of Cinchona Bark alongside a range of citrus and floral elements.


How do you use it?

Easily! Just add Soda or Mineral Water to taste and don't forget to stir! We recommend 10 to 20 ml's for approximately 90 ml's of  Soda.

Remember, Snake Oil is the ultimate sidekick, the hero is always the Gin. Try not to over power those delicate botanicals.

Why are there floaties?

We intentionally leave in a few bits of sediment with each batch. Our product is made with real ingredients by hand and as such you will find bark particles in the bottom of each and every bottle!

How long does it last?

We don't know!

We are always conducting shelf life testing to prove our product is one that lasts, however any time we alter our recipe the counter goes back to zero. When conducting shelf life testing, the only way to get accurate results is to leave a few bottles in the fridge,on a window sill, in the pantry and even in the car. Every month we sit down and inspect the bottles for flavor and aromatic loss, as well as any signs of bacteria and yeast infiltration. 

If you have any issues with your product, your feed back is crucial in our progression forward. Simply send the bottle back at our expense and we will replace it for free!

How should I store it?

Snake Oil Tonic Syrup is a natural product that will be effected but UV light as well as extreme temperatures. By storing un-opened bottles away from direct sunlight, you will preserve the flavour and aromatical value of the product considerably longer than if you leave it in the car!

Once opened, place the bottle in the fridge to increase life span.

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