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Introducing Blend Etiquette
City Mag

Liru's Snake Oil Tonics has a new name, and a new location in the city. South Australia is fast becoming the gin state, and where there is gin there is surely tonic.

“We really like the ceremony. The way we see it, Australia is not about quantity, it’s about quality. When you drink red wine, you pair it with the right cheese, and when you drink whiskey, when people walk in the bar they’re like ‘it’s got to be in a chilled glass and it’s got to have one ice cube and it’s go to be like this’ and they know exactly how they want it – there’s a ceremony around it.”





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All stops out for a local tonic syrup - The Forager

"An Adelaide student’s ambition to commercially produce tonic syrup has been realised with the success of his $10,000 crowdfunding campaign."